Villa Borromeo


Building renovation and convertion to cultural center with resort
End of construction: 1984

Villa Borromeo is a 14th century mansion located near Senago city centre, surrounded by a large park.

It was chosen by bishop Federico Borromeo as a place of rest and meditation close to Milan.
I's not a suburban mansion, but a self-sufficient country estate.

Throughout the centuries the villa has been renovated and redesigned several times, following the evolution of style and the arising of new needs.

The present renovation inserts itself in the evolutionary path of the building.
In the new design the greater changes take place in the south wing, which will house resort rooms, offices and a cafeteria. It was however the wing of lesser architectural value.

Particular attention has also been paid to the garden and park renovation.

Dimensional data:

  • Estate: 112.000 m2
  • Mansion: 5.700 m2
  • Garden 14.000 m2