Master Plan for Piazza Verdi e Piazza del Popolo


Competition - 3rd place

In this proposal the area is marked by three key abstract elements: two virtual volumes created by repeated plans, a square garden and a fountain, all placed around the void left after the demolition of the old Porta Portello.
They separate and differentiate the space inside the walls from the outer city, metaphorically reconstructing the role of passage of the area.

Piazza Verdi obtains defined boundaries thanks to the new arcade building. It's also balanced with a triangular fountain placed in the crossing point of different perspectives.

The railway is transformed into a light metro and become almost imperceptible. The track blend into the flooring.
The traffic disorder is reduced by channeling it in only one road. The rest of the place is turned into an English Garden with free paths and small hills.

The night lighting has been carefully looked after, as to create a welcoming environment and to valorize the most important buildings.

The square is free from superstructures and it's lighten only by reflected light.