Solar Park at a former dumping-ground

Castelleone (CR)

Competition - 3rd place

From route 451 the landfill looks like a low hill. The trees interfere with the field of view and the hill can never be seen in its entirety. You can only see its height close up.

The project doesn't aim to hide the landfill, nor to mask it with purely aesthetic works.
It aims to enhance what is left - an unusual ziggurat - and to highlight the still existing power production through bio gas and solar panels.
The proposed works are minimal and only designed to complete certain parts, as to allow:

  1. the construction of a new photovoltaic plant
  2. the installation of few symbolic elements, to regenerate the area and turn it into a tourists attraction

The hillsides are better defined and the pathways are underlined with a 10cm large phosphorous fabric that emit light at night.
At night those strips can become relevant elements in the countryside and make passing drivers curious.

New Solar Plant
The new technological elements are not hidden, but placed in a natural and pleasant way.
The plant is composed by walkable photovoltaic floor, where the monotony is avoided thanks to the presence of hillocks and depressions: this creates a colorful and varying image... the mirroring effect visually lighten the hill volume and make it nearly disappear.

Energy Museum
The volume placed on the top terrace is both a reason to climb the hill than a glowing sign, a symbol of the novel power production.
It's a "box", with curtain walls made by double skinned glass fiber and silicon. Therefore, it's translucent in the daytime and bright at night.
It can be considered as a temporary structure and a big lamp.

Welcoming area
The area at the foothill is totally redesigned, and the preexisting element are highlighted and used as artifacts in an open-air Technology Museum.