Master Plan for Garibaldi-Repubblica Area

Competition - Ranked among the top twenty

Designers: Leonardo Fiori, Massimo Giuliani, Roberto Guidicci, Romano Juvarra, Panos Koulermos, Letizia Lionello, Bernard Reichen, Alberto Secchi

Consultants: Edoardo Brichetti, Maurizio Grandi, Renato Manheimer, Achva Stein, John Worthington

The plan and the city
The Garibaldi-Repubblica Area has his own special nature: it's a small central area, well connected with public transport and a traditional access point to the city center.
This area can be an extension of the city center, it can house representative and hospitality facilities, it can complete the "heart" of the city.
Therefore the area doesn't need to be crossed but to be reached, with full use of public transport and a reorganization of streets and traffic.

A city develops in a long period of time, discontinuously, through the action of several entities that have different expectations and taste. The plan must address this complex situation. The urban planning is something different from architecture, it must define aim and rules behind the constructions.

The area is organized through the blocks layout, the use of soil, the distribution of urban functions, the ratio of empty and filled space, the orientation of the buildings and their relationship with the public areas.

The Master Plan aim to complete the urban fabric. For this purpose several different typologies have been chosen:

  1. courtyard houses inserted in the urban fabric, with spaces of public interest at ground level, linked with pedestrian paths;
  2. "floating" courtyard houses;
  3. a circular building to connect the misalignment;
  4. a building overlooking the park to strengthen the relationship with the neighborhood;
  5. an highrise;
  6. underground spaces.

Everything is surrounded by a garden/park.