Laveno Village

Concept - A new lifestyle
"Laveno Village" is a touristic and residential complex

The village includes 70 apartments with different size and typology, built on the summit of Mombello's citadel. They are close to each other to create a modern castle, facing the sun and with a spectacular view of Lake Maggiore and Mount Rosa. The residences are inside a beautiful park.

Inside the area, we can find:

  • a big park with several high-quality trees,
  • a liberty villa (Villa Pax),
  • a building facing the street used as a boarding house,
  • several scattered small buildings

The new complex comprises:

  1. an hotel in Villa Pax,
  2. a boarding house in the building on the street,
  3. several new residences, different in size, built on the top of the hill,
  4. a wide variety of services: polyfunctional centre, swimming pool, health facility, fitness trail...

Such a village lays the foundation for a modern lifestyle, less linked to repetitive actions and more opened to social, cultural and healthy life.

There's not a defined age to live here because the proposed model can adapt to anyone willing to live free in a beautiful place and a well-served complex.